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  • The impact BJJ has had on my son is truly amazing. We have watched his confidence, focus, and determination increase, which makes such a difference in his academic performance also. What Prof. Milton and Prof. Melissa teach goes far beyond the mat, it really carries over into everyday life. They truly care about their students and you can see it. I can not say enough great things about Kioto BJJ South Shore

    Meghan & David Ascencio
  • Kioto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a amazing place to train. You get to work with world class instructions, who are so friendly and understanding. I love the place and people so much my husband, son and myself all train here. You get to learn true BJJ principals. Their classes promotes self confidence, a healthy life style, Self-defense, and getting your body into shape while doing so.

    Christina Barreca
  • Kioto BBJ is the real deal. The teachers are attentive and helpful. They have taken in my son and treat him like family. His confidence is high. He works hard and really enjoys going to class. It is a great way for any kid, boy or girl, to learn to protect themselves, respect others, and burn off some steam. I love the class and think it is absolutely worth the money. Our youngest son will be a student here as well.

    David Archer
  • This is a great place! I am so happy we found it. My son has ADD and dyslexia and I have seen such great improvements in his focus. I have also seen improvements in his muscle tone and overall fitness. Professor Milton and Melissa are so wonderful and caring. The kids are so sweet and have really bonded, they all have so much fun!

    Amanda Oliveira
  • My son has been training here for 3 years now and we hope he'll continue for a life time. Not only are the instructors supportive and dedicated, but they integrate you into part of their family. They care about each kid's development on both an individual and group level which is so rare to find these days

    Kimberly Reed
  • I strongly recommend Kioto Brazilian Juijitsu South Shore for Self defense and fitness for all ages! Whether you are 5 or 50 it will be one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life to start training at Kioto BJJ. Professor Milton Regis is very patient and professional in the way he teaches his students. He explains technique in great detail so that every student learns at his or her pace so that maximum personal development is achieved. The classes are fun, high energy and very effective for learning strong self defense skills.

    Chris Gates
  • We're very proud to call Kioto our family. Our children have been attending for many years and absolutely love it. Children not only learn self defense, its discipline, self control but still fun. Professor Milton and Melissa do a wonderful job creating the perfect balance in each class.

    Luigi & Mayra Robayo
  • Our 3 kids have been at Kioto BJJ for 3 years. We can see their strength and ability increasing rapidly! They have fun and learn all at the same time! Learning at Kioto has also helped them to improve at their other sports such as baseball, football, softball and soccer as well. Professor Milton And Melissa are both very knowledgeable as instructors and create a true family atmosphere at Kioto BJJ! Most importantly, our kids love it and they are getting stronger and healthier everyday, all while learning BJJ!

    Traci Mulligan Zizza
  • Kioto Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Oakdale is second to none. My two boys train there and I couldn’t be more pleased. My boys are confident and know they can accomplish anything because of the values and hard work that professor Milton and his wife Melissa have instilled in them.

    Michael Kerr


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