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Milton Regis

Family Owned and Operated by 6th Degree Black Belt Milton Regis

Milton Regis was born in Rio de Janeiro on February, 7, 1964. When Milton turned 9 years of age his father brought him to Kioto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Tijuca. He was being bullied in school and his father knew that Jiu Jitsu would be a great help to this problem. It was here that he met Francisco Mansor and this meeting forever changed his life.

He competed throughout his childhood and was state champion various times. He had the honor to receive not only the medals but also compliments from Grand Master Helio Gracie in various competitions. Kioto was undefeated champion for 19 years in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Milton joined the military and served as a lieutenant for nine years in the Brazilian Army. He graduated from the Helio Alonso in 1993 with a degree in Public Relations. Milton holds various Brazilian Jiu Jitsu titles. He is a multiple time Rio State Champion and 2x Masters IBJJF World Champion. In addition he holds the following champion medals: Rio/Minas Champion, RN State Champion, North East Champion, Minas Gerais State Champion, Brazilian National Champion, Pan American Champion, NAGA Champion.

Milton continued training and teaching Jiu Jitsu throughout the years. In 2001, he moved to the United States and began teaching classes at Brazilian Martial Arts Center in Somerville, MA. In 2003, he moved to Long Island and began teaching in Ronkonkoma, West Islip, and East Rockaway. In 2005, he opened Kioto South Shore and has been here ever since.

Milton is married to Melissa Regis and has four children: Diogo, Mariana, Michael and Sebastian along with 3 grandchildren Bernard, Draico and Atlas. Milton is also the co-founder of the Pride BJJ Championship.

Main Achievements:

  • IBFJJ World Masters Champion (2016 / 2018 Master 5)
  • IBFJJ Pan American No-Gi Champion (2010** Senior 3)
  • CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (1997 Master 1)
  • NAGA Champion - North America Grappling Association (2002)
  • IBJJF Pan American Championship 2nd Place (2002 / 2007 Senior 2)
  • IBJJF Pan American Championship 3rd Place (2003 Senior 1, 2005 Senior 2)

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