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Due to COVID Restrictions, we are operating at partial capacity. Please CONTACT US to schedule an appointment.

  • Please bring your child 10 min before the class starts. Exceptions happen, but don’t make it a habit. The class must start and finish at the time. No stress!
  • Before you leave your home and the academy, make sure that the children uniform is complete ( belt, jacket and pants) Nails and clean Gi!
  • Kids on the playground without parents supervising are definitely not a good idea. No food or drinks downstairs. If you drop it, you pick up.
  • You can, but you don’t have to wait in the school. You are allowed to watch, but don’t try to talk with your child. If the professor need your help he will ask for it.
  • In case that you leave, came back before the end the class. If you are late to pick up, drive safe and just call us.
  • Stimulate your child to take care of his/her own stuff, like shoes and clothes belongs. Not throwing at the floor.
  • Let your child try and learn how to tie the belt and remind them about the bathroom before the class starts.
  • Don’t give any kind of the milk or derivate, until 1 hour before the class.
  • Make sure that you don’t disturb the kids concentration, talking and laughing loud. Cell phone in vibrate.
  • Always advise your children to after class, wait for you inside at the school.
  • Don’t try to teach any technique, let us do that when it is the time.

Ask if you have any question and always let us know your opinion, your feedback is very important. TIP: When your child give you a hard time to go to the class, remember that it’s more them a sacrifice, it’s involve an investment where we work together to don’t let them quit on the life challengers. Quit is a step to a big fall on the life. The Kioto school will provide the best as we can to help your child, looking for to make he/she a better person that entered here. We count with your trust and collaboration.


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