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Master Francisco Mansor Jiu Jitsu

One of the most reputable men in the sport or martial art, Master Francisco Mansor (also known as Mansur) is a jiu jitsu red belt (9th degree) who received his instructor’s degree from the late Master Helio Gracie. He was one of only six men outside the Gracie family to receive the rank from Helio. Francisco Mansor founded the Kioto academy in 1965, one of the most traditional Brazilian jiu jitsu schools in the world, a team strongly linked with the self defense aspect of BJJ. Master Mansor and his academy are known for having one of the biggest jiu jitsu academies for youngsters in Rio de Janeiro. 

Grand Master Francisco Mansor

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Nov 01

The Beginning

Franciso Mansor was born in 1940 in the Minas Gerais state / Brazil. In his teens Francisco Mansor moved to Rio de Janeiro, chasing one of his younger dreams, become an air force cadet. Mansor was 15 years old and already a martial arts student in a judo academy (ACM) when he start jiu jitsu classes with the legendary Helio Gracie.

Jan 30

No Holds Barred

By the age of 17, Master Mansor was ready for his first Vale Tudo fight (No Holds Barred). Though the nerves kept him awake for most of the night previous to the event, he managed to keep his composure inside the ring on fight day and finished his opponent in 17 seconds. Master Mansor fought 39 times in No Holds Barred rules, winning every bout, except one that was a tie, remaining undefeated until the end of his fighting career.

Dec 11

Kioto Begins

The Kioto academy, opened in 1965, when Mansor was 25 years old, was the first one to teach kids. Mansor had particular success working with youngsters, forming several great fighters with his kids program, and with his outstanding knowledge of grappling fundamentals as well as on the self defence aspect of BJJ, his class quickly became one of the most sought out places for childrens sporting activities in Rio de Janeiro.

May 01

Helio Gracie

Master Francisco Mansor was a very important important part of the first jiu jitsu federation in Rio de Janeiro FJJ-RJ and with Helio Gracie (1st FJJ president) was responsible for organize the original rules, including belts system.

Mar 19

Grand Master Comes To The USA

With a very strict & systematic written curriculum, the KIOTO BJJ schools focuses on the basic techniques taught by Grand Master Helio Gracie and developed by Grand Master Francisco Mansor’s. He departure from Brazil in 1999 to teach BJJ in the United States and is often regarded as one of the most traditional jiu jitsu schools in the world


Milton Regis

Milton Regis is a certified Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Great Master Francisco Mansur, and he is also one of the top Kioto Academy instructors, leading the KIOTO BJJ affiliation located  in Oakdale, NY. Milton Regis, an accomplished black belt with champion titles at the World Master, Pan American (Gi and No gi) as well as the North American Grappling, Brazilian National Championships and States Champion, Milton Regis was also the co-creator and promoter of the Long Island PRIDE, which is a BJJ competition that has been successfully running since 2007. So, what are you waiting for? Get your gi, tie your belt, and lets start training!

Grand Master Mansor awarded all of Milton Regis’ belts, except his brown belt, which was awarded from professor Alexandre Bosco. In this time, Milton was a resident in Natal, RN (Northeast of Brazil).

Professor Milton Regis

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Oct 10

Milton Starts His Training At 9

Milton Regis de Almeida was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, precisely at 3:20am on the 7th of February 1964. Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, when he was 9 years old he was taken to the Kioto Jiu Jitsu Academy, the top children’s jiu jitsu academy in Rio. He was white belt when he became state champion for the first time. Grand Master Mansor awarded all of Milton Regis’ belts.

Apr 20

Lieutenant In The Brazilian Army

Serving as a lieutenant, for 9 years in the brazilian Army, due to his Jiu Jitsu background, Milton was select to be part of the Judo Army Team. In 1997 Regis got promoted to a black belt right after he won the Brazilian National Championship.

Nov 30

The Move To Boston

In 2001 Milton decided to follow in his masters footsteps and move to the United States. He went to Boston for 2 years before moving to the New York area where he re-united with his long time master and open his own academy.

Nov 30

The Beginning of Pride

In 2007, Milton Regis also started the PRIDE BJJ Championship. The Tournament is a reference in the area, with several world champions and high level fighters competing and attracting competitors from different US states.

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Kioto BJJ South Shore founders Professors Milton & Melissa Regis were live on 103.9 FM radio talking about why they started training jiu-jitsu, why they started Kioto and the benefits of training in jiu-jitsu no matter where you are in life. Listen below!