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Our BJJ Classes for Kids on Long Island Help Young Children Grown into Upstanding Adults

Between video games, on-demand entertainment, and online communities providing social interactions, a child doesn’t need to leave the comfort of their couch in 2021. This presents a challenge for parents who want their kids to stay active.

Of course, all parents want their children to move around and exercise. But you can’t force a kid into enjoying something. And team sports like baseball and football aren’t for everyone.

Many children need something a bit more challenging and engaging than the age-old, traditional sports.

At Kioto Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we offer modern Jiu-Jitsu classes, BJJ classes for kids on Long Island that are fun, exciting, unique, and mentally stimulating kids jiu jitsu. These are the building blocks for any child’s self defense skills development. Our classes are catered specifically to all age groups, starting at 3-years-old.

These BJJ classes for kids on Long Island offer your children the best of both worlds: it’s a team and individual sport.

Furthermore, through our teachings, your young ones will benefit from personal growth while forging lasting friendships as part of a community that’s invested in their future.

Below, we’ll take a deep dive into why our BJJ classes for kids on Long Island are ideal for your child, no matter their age:

Five Reasons Why Our BJJ Classes for Kids on Long Island Are an Ideal Fit for Your Child:

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, by its nature, can be competitive. Especially when your children get older.

But at their core, our BJJ classes for kids on Long Island are far less about competition and more about development, self-improvement, and life skills.

With that said, here are five specific reasons your child would benefit from Kioto’s BJJ classes for kids on Long Island:

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1. Our BJJ Classes for Kids on Long Island Teach Body Awareness

Bring yourself back to the earliest days of your childhood–even your teen years. Every little thing was new and unfamiliar. This includes your body.

It’s hard to put ourselves in the above mindset as adults since we’re familiar with almost every inch of our bodies. These days, it might seem natural to feel every muscle, joint, ache, or pain, but it’s not as seamless as you’d think. As a child, body motions are still a mystery.

Coordinating movements and establishing the mind-body connection is one of our main focuses at Kioto, even with our 3-year-olds.

The techniques we teach have hyper-specific details, helping build and improve your child’s fine motor skills. It’s also crucial for their balance, base, and core. Additionally, the neuromuscular connections developed through our classes have many long-term benefits that last a lifetime.

To the above point, starting your child in our BJJ classes for kids on Long Island now can help increase their quality of life as they grow older.

Moreover, your child’s improved balance and coordination from our classes will transfer to other activities and sports. This will encourage them to remain active in all facets of their life.

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2. Our BJJ Classes for Kids on Long Island Teach Focus That Will Help with Education

We understand if some parents have difficulty figuring out what classroom performance has to do with pulling guard or gaining mount. But once you really think about it, the transferability of the skills becomes crystal clear.

Distractions run rampant these days. The moment your child sits down to do their homework or study, their mobile device is “dinging” with an alert.

Or, your young ones might be fixated on the latest video game or Netflix series. And they can access these distractions at the press of a button.

Our BJJ classes for kids on Long Island are a perfect middle-ground for building on focus in a manner that helps with studies.

In one breath, our drills and games are like fun and engaging workout, demanding your child’s attention. On the other hand, mastering these techniques requires listening skills and an ability to silence the noise. Without lessons being forced upon them, your kids will subtly learn how to succeed at school. Eventually, these learnings will extend to the workplace or even in relationships.

3. Our BJJ Classes for Kids on Long Island Will Improve Your Child’s Confidence

We’ll admit that “improved self-esteem” is an old adage for almost all sports, especially martial arts. But the confidence developed in BJJ – at least in our experience – is on a different level.

The skills learned day-to-day by your child will be put into use immediately with their training partners.

In these simulated, 100% safe training scenarios, your child will see the skills they learn successfully put to use. That’s immediate validation and visual proof of all they’ve accomplished.

That isn’t even to say it’s about “winning” or “beating” someone during training. In fact, BJJ is more about individual feats. For instance, there’s nothing more satisfying and self-affirming than escaping from a tough position and getting back to one’s feet.

More importantly, the skills learned in our BJJ classes for kids on Long Island are effective in real-life scenarios.

To the above point, 1 in 5 students claims they’re being bullied. Our BJJ classes in Long Island help prevent your child from suffering that fate. Because of our lessons, they’ll have the confidence and skills to avoid dangerous situations.

4. Our BJJ Classes for Kids on Long Island Encourage Socialization

Even without the social isolation caused by the pandemic, making friends isn’t always easy for your kids. Video games, Netflix, and social platforms like TikTok give reasons for your young ones to play on screens and not with other children.

Kioto’s BJJ classes for kids on Long Island give your child a place to forge those lifelong relationships that improve their quality of life.

The camaraderie and bonds formed while doing drills, learning techniques, and pushing one another will feed your child’s spirit.

Moreover, other than a healthy combat sports, BJJ classes will help improve your child’s communication skills with both peers and authority figures. Those skills will prove helpful when your young ones are working full time and aiming to build their careers.

5. Our BJJ Classes for Kids on Long Island Improve Long-Term Wellness

The cold hard fact about Kioto’s BJJ classes for Kids on Long Island is that fitness is an absolute must.

Now, we aren’t saying your child needs to show up looking like a well-seasoned blackbelt. That’s not realistic. However, once your kids fall in love with BJJ, they’ll realize the only way to keep improving is by staying fit and healthy while having fun learning the best typeof self defense.

This mentality isn’t a matter of putting undue pressure on your children. It’s a natural progression.

After participating in Kioto BJJ’s classes, our students want to exercise, eat healthily, and lead wellness-oriented lifestyles. It’s a choice they make on their own. Best of all, the long-term benefits of these habits generally include a longer lifespan and a vastly improved quality of life well into old age.

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The Structured Nature of Kioto’s BJJ Classes for Kids on Long Island

We won’t deny the merit behind a group of young children running wild. At the very least, it expends energy.

But at Kioto BJJ, your child’s development in our program is more to us than “running wild” and expending their energy. We take pride in being proper teachers who follow a fine-tuned curriculum based on age and skill level.

To us, BJJ isn’t only an activity. It’s an entire educational process that requires care and attention to detail, similar to any school program.

Every lesson of our BJJ classes for kids on Long Island is carefully planned. This way, your child’s progression is mindfully monitored, ensuring they aren’t left behind or pushed ahead before they’re ready. Every student counts at Kioto.

Below, we’ll break down our age groups and how those classes look as your child progresses throughout the Kioto education system:

BJJ Classes for 3 to 4 years:

Don’t expect high-intensity training or hardcore drilling in these classes. Kioto’s BJJ classes for kids on Long Island aged 3 and 4 focus solely on the basics of body movement and control.

Most of all, we aim to create a safe and supportive space for your little ones. They’ll begin developing their fundamental motor skills while participating in energetic, highly engaging activities.

BJJ Classes for 5 to 6 years:

The next age group of our BJJ skills development moves from the basics of motor skills to foundational athleticism and teamwork.

We are hands-on with our coaching of this age group, emphasizing coordination, focus, and confidence. Your 5-and-6-year-olds will thrive in this bustling, positive environment centered around building their self-esteem and cultivating their passion for BJJ.

BJJ Classes for 7 to 9 years:

With the foundations of body control, teamwork, and coordination in place, it’s now time for your children to tackle the BJJ basics. This includes the standard movements, such as guard and mount. We also delve into transition skills.

The environment for 7-to-9-year-olds remains safe, simulated, and controlled. But the excitement levels and positivity soar to a new level!

BJJ Classes for 10 to 15 years:

While the intensity is stepped up in this age group, that doesn’t make it any less safe–because we base our teachings on the individual student.

Your child’s development as a BJJ practitioner will be handled with care, no matter their age. We don’t skip any steps. Each student must learn the fundamentals before they’re placed in a dynamic with more challenging Jiu-Jitsu strategies.

As crucial as it is for us to not rush development, we also won’t hold your child back. Once they’ve proven they have the skills, your kid can graduate to the adult program if they wish to.

Specialized BJJ Training for 7 to 9 years:

Our inclusivity standards make Kioto’s BJJ classes for kids on Long Island a pillar of our surrounding community.

It’s our core belief that BJJ is an ideal fit for anyone who wishes to participate. And we do everything in our power to create a welcoming environment for all kinds of students.

This philosophy is most evident in our specialized BJJ classes for children aged 7 to 9 with special needs.

We’ve enjoyed marked success teaching children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and visual impairments. These students benefit from experienced teachers who provide a safe, supportive space so they can learn at their own pace.

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The Basics of Kioto’s BJJ Classes for Kids on Long Island

Read below as we highlight the basic fundamentals we teach your children at Kioto:

Breathing Techniques

Successfully developing a BJJ skill base is only possible through correct breathing techniques.

As such, we’ll teach your children the value of long inhales and exhales versus short breaths and panting.

While breathing is something humans do naturally, it’s not something most people do correctly. Mastering one’s breath requires years of practice and focus. And once breathing is perfected, your child’s BJJ skills will improve drastically.

Remaining Centered and Calm

Calmness is at the crux of effective BJJ, whether in competition or during training. Keeping this centered approach helps maintain a clear mind, conducive to a strategic approach to Jiu-Jitsu.

Your child will thrive in both life and BJJ from learning this basic Kioto fundamental.

Grip Strength and Form

BJJ requires immense grip strength that can only develop through drills and training.

Your child’s arms and hands won’t get tired during competition or practice with the correct technique we teach during every lesson.

Takedown Execution

Since BJJ is ground-based, takedowns are a pivotal part of this martial art.

Many teachers overlook throws and takedowns, but we don’t at Kioto. We leave no stone unturned and explore all aspects of BJJ, ensuring your child has a well-rounded skillset.

Invest in Your Child’s Long-Term Growth By Signing Them Up for Our BJJ Classes Today!

The Long Island community has a special place in our hearts at Kioto BJJ.

But a community can only thrive when we focus on the future. That’s why our children’s classes are such a significant focus at our BJJ school. We want the Long Island area youth to grow into upstanding adults, using the lessons taught in our classes to thrive and give back.

Are you interested in getting your young one started in our BJJ classes? Then contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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