Unleash Your Potential: Dive into Top-Tier Jiu Jitsu Training on Long Island, NY

So you live on Long Island, and you’re finally ready to start your jiu-jitsu journey?

That’s great news!

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Begin your journey to excellence with Jiu Jitsu on Long Island with Kioto BJJ. This essential resource uncovers why Kioto BJJ is one of the prime spots for Jiu Jitsu training on Long Island for people of all ages. Discover the core of Jiu Jitsu as we take a deep dive into its expert teaching, welcoming classes for children, and transformative experiences that await you on the mat.


  • Kioto BJJ offers an inclusive and comprehensive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training experience led by world champion instructors, fostering both competitive success and personal growth.
  • The academy provides a supportive community for all ages, with a curriculum tailored to different skill levels, including special classes for competition preparation and a family-friendly training environment.
  • Engagement in Kioto BJJ’s programs offers extensive health and fitness benefits, developing physical strength, cardiovascular endurance, and mental fortitude, ultimately enriching students’ lives beyond the mat.
Professors with Rach and Audrey

Mastering the Gentle Art in Long Island

Located conveniently in Oakdale, Kioto BJJ emerges as a hub for those passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training.

It’s a place where gender boundaries dissipate and individuals—women and men alike—gather to sharpen their skills and forge bonds while practicing jiu-jitsu techniques.

Kioto BJJ champions the complete spectrum of the gentle art, committing itself not just to skill acquisition, but also to creating an atmosphere that honors each student’s contribution.

Joining us on your Jiu Jitsu journey at Kioto BJJ is more than learning self-defense. It’s an adoption of a comprehensive lifestyle that shapes your physique, intellect, and soul.

Drawing from the esteemed heritage of our Grandmaster Francisco Mansur, we infuse Long Island with authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience.

Our dedicated instructors guide students with a deep-rooted commitment to the traditions of BJJ, seamlessly integrating essential values such as honor, perseverance, and ongoing self-improvement into each lesson and technique imparted.

The Kioto BJJ Difference

Kioto BJJ distinguishes itself with an exceptional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training program that is steeped in a tradition of excellence.

Under the leadership of Professor Milton Regis, our academy boasts three World Champion titles as proof of our standards of excellence and has maintained an impressive record: nineteen years unbeaten in Rio de Janeiro competitions.

This legacy permeates every class we offer, embedding a spirit of competitive focus within our students and encouraging them to aim higher.

Upon moving to the United States, Professor Milton’s influence on both the BJJ and judo scenes has been profound.

With the 2005 inauguration of Kioto BJJ’s South Shore location, he became instrumental in fostering growth within these martial arts communities. His advice has the support of the great Grandmaster Francisco Mansur and is fundamentally based on elite jiu jitsu instruction levels.

Students who embark on their journey to master BJJ at our academy can be confident they are receiving top-tier training from one of the industry’s most respected figures.

Family-Friendly Training Environment

At Kioto BJJ, we are proponents of the idea that martial arts is an activity for everyone in the family.

Our school fosters a constructive and encouraging environment where kids can excel, enhancing their confidence and discipline while acquiring vital self-defense skills.

For adults, our structured training allows gradual mastery of techniques within a communal setting that transcends just practice. Such comprehensive attention to both individual growth and community bonds distinguishes Kioto BJJ as an exceptional gym for families all throughout Long Island.

Our academy’s atmosphere reflects the commitment of our professors. Under the guidance of World Champion Milton Regis and black belt Professor Melissa Regis, we offer a friendly yet focused space conducive to collective learning—where individuals from all walks of life come together to train across different ages.

The environment here transforms what might be seen as merely an institution into something much warmer—a family gathering place where respect and positive reinforcement go hand-in-hand with honing physical self-defense skills.

Kioto Fundamentals

A Curriculum Tailored for All

At Kioto BJJ, our teaching program is crafted to welcome students of all ages, dividing them into classes that are suitable for their specific age group and level of development.

Our training methods in adult classes guide learners from novice to expert stages, instilling self-assurance and a comprehensive grasp of Jiu Jitsu’s core concepts.

We also support those inclined towards the competitive side of Jiu Jitsu by providing additional competition-focused training sessions. Starting with vital self-defense skills for novices and advancing towards foundational BJJ strategies sets up beginners on solid ground.

Meanwhile, more seasoned practitioners engage with intricate Gi and No-Gi techniques within an energetic environment designed to propel their growth further—preparing them for the rigors of competitive events as well as refined expertise in the art form.

Your First Steps on a BJJ Mat

Ready to embark on your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu adventure? At Kioto BJJ, beginners are greeted with enthusiasm and provided with continuous support from the moment they schedule their introductory free class until they step onto the mat.

Our academy’s mission extends beyond instructing you in the techniques of Jiu Jitsu. We’re dedicated to aiding you in becoming a superior version of yourself, both within and beyond the walls of our gym.

To ensure a successful start to your journey, it’s important to come prepared. Make sure you arrive before your first session begins, dress comfortably, and be ready to quickly change into your Gi.

Familiarizing yourself promptly with the atmosphere of our facility is essential for fostering an affirmative experience throughout your BJJ training sessions. Maintaining cleanliness is also paramount; arriving clean shows respect for both other students and our shared space at the academy.

How to Claim Your Free Week

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose! Start your journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Kioto BJJ by simply clicking here and completing a form to secure a free class today. Our commitment to the excellence of our training is reflected in this risk-free invitation, designed to introduce newcomers into the welcoming fold of our jiu jitsu family.

Seize this chance to learn BJJ and discover firsthand why our gym stands out as an ideal location for beginning your training.

What to Expect in Your Trial Classes

As you begin your trial classes in martial arts, anticipate an organized and rewarding session that will include the following activities:

  • Lining up according to belt rank, followed by a series of warm-up drills

  • Demonstrations of specific techniques by the instructor

  • Practicing and drilling these moves with a partner

  • Understanding how crucial the ‘tap’ signal is for maintaining safety and mutual respect during sparring encounters.

Gear up for a physically demanding experience that might exhaust you yet also invigorate your spirit. These introductory sessions typically span 60 to 90 minutes, establishing the groundwork necessary for your adventure in BJJ.

Building Champions On and Off the Mat

At Kioto BJJ, we have a broader vision that goes beyond the walls of our gym. We’re committed to developing individuals who are not only champions in BJJ but also champions in life.

Our Brazilian jiu-jitsu training is comprehensive, incorporating intensive exercises for both strength and power to equip our students with the ability to meet both the mental and physical demands of jiu-jitsu.

The instructors at Kioto BJJ are passionate about creating an atmosphere where challenges are met with enthusiasm and each achievement is seen as a step toward excellence.

The level of commitment from an athlete and their quality of training often mirror their performance during competition.

At Kioto BJJ, we cultivate a mindset within our students designed not just for fighting within the sport, but also for facing life’s hurdles with assurance and toughness.

Our philosophy on martial arts underscores personal development as key, guaranteeing every student experiences a journey through BJJ training that’s just as extraordinary and rewarding as competing itself.

Championship Pedigree

Milton Regis is the core of Kioto BJJ’s competitive prowess, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu maestro whose collection of awards includes top honors such as World’s Gold Medalist and Pan American Champion.

The richness and superiority he brings to our training regimens are unparalleled due to his extensive experience.

Under Professor Regis’ guidance, Kioto BJJ has become a gold standard for high standards in jiu-jitsu.

Since 2007, the Long Island PRIDE BJJ competition—an event that he co-founded and continues to promote—stands testament to our dedication toward nurturing an intense competitive landscape within the sport.

This tournament doesn’t just bring elite fighters into the spotlight. It mirrors our academy’s profound ambition: propelling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu forward while forging a lineage of formidable champions on Long Island.

milton-winner 2022

Meet Your Mentors

Guiding the instruction at Kioto BJJ is none other than Professor Milton Regis, a towering figure within the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community. His illustrious career and profound grasp of jiu-jitsu establish the core principles that drive our academy’s educational approach.

Complementing his expertise, Professor Melissa Regis lends her extensive experience to each session, ensuring students gain maximum benefit from their combined wisdom.

Our instructors serve in multifaceted roles beyond mere trainers. They act as mentors, confidants, and integral members of the BJJ family. With this kind of mentoring at Kioto BJJ, individuals are imbued with essential skills transcending martial arts —inseparable life lessons they carry with them well outside the confines of our gym walls.

A Personalized Approach to Learning

At Kioto BJJ, our instruction is crafted to address the individuality of each student’s experience in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

We are committed to aligning our teaching techniques with every student’s personal level of skill and fitness. Instructors at Kioto BJJ ensure that all students—from those new to the martial arts scene who embrace it with enthusiasm to competitors seeking success—get customized support crucial for their growth.

Our approach goes hand-in-hand with a systematically structured curriculum designed for gradual improvement. Student testimonials often praise our instructors not just for advancing jiu-jitsu skills but also for fostering personal growth in character and humility, which hold as much importance in martial arts as mastery over complex techniques does.

Joining Kioto BJJ means embarking on a journey that not only tests your physical capabilities through challenging maneuvers but also shapes a resilient mindset beneficial for your training inside our academy, but just as important, in life.

The Health and Fitness Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Dipping your toe in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Kioto BJJ is more than acquiring self-defense capabilities. It’s a comprehensive method to improve your overall health and fitness levels. This martial art is celebrated for its ability to enhance full-body strength, boost cardio endurance, and alter body composition in positive ways.

As you commit to this discipline, observe as it positively influences not just physical condition but also strengthens mental resilience.

Embark on an enriching path towards better fitness with BJJ classes that will test every aspect of your physique.

Through dynamic activities alongside the meticulous focus needed for ongoing training, Jiu-jitsu fosters essential attributes such as flexibility, mobility, and equilibrium—all vital for mastering any form of self-defense art. Perfecting the Kioto skills on the mat carries dividends that show up in every aspect of life.

A Full-Body Workout

Kioto BJJ ensures every session harnesses your upper body, core strength, and lower body to bolster overall physical fitness. In the process of grappling with fellow practitioners, applying techniques, and participating in live sparring rounds, you will experience a concerted effort from all muscle groups, enhancing both stamina and resilience.

The scope of our training extends beyond sheer physical strength by also promoting agility, power dynamics, and speed enhancement. Our program integrates dynamic training exercises alongside drilling techniques to present a dual challenge for your physique as well as cognitive function—delivering a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Regardless of whether one is just embarking on their Brazilian Jiu-jitsu journey or is already deeply immersed as a seasoned practitioner, our BJJ training programs provide an intriguing avenue for sustaining health and vigor through diverse martial art challenges.

Mental Fortitude and Stress Relief

One aspect of of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that often gets overlooked is it’s positive benefit on your mental health. It’s like a mental marathon. BJJ helps train you in:

  • Toughness

  • Patience

  • Discipline

  • Self-confidence

As you face opponents on the mat, you are also battling your own limitations, pushing boundaries, and cultivating a resilient mindset. This internal growth is a testament to jiu jitsu’s ability to strengthen the mind as much as the body, offering a sanctuary for those seeking stress relief and a boost in mental health.

Training in our academy provides the following benefits:

  • Unique form of stress relief, releasing endorphins that promote a sense of well-being and helping to divert attention from everyday worries

  • Stimulates brain activity, encouraging focus and critical thinking

  • Reduces depression symptoms

  • Provides social support found in the Jiu-Jitsu community

  • It helps in learning self-defense and discipline

These benefits make training in our academy invaluable.

Join the Kioto BJJ Family

When you join Kioto BJJ, you are not merely joining a BJJ School; rather, you are joining a community that values elite jiu jitsu instruction and the long-lasting benefits it offers.

Our students rave about the inspiring, fulfilling journey of advancement available through our programs, where each session presents opportunities to enhance physical conditioning as well as valuable life competencies.

Our academy prides itself on its congenial atmosphere, impeccable maintenance standards, and steadfast dedication to continuous improvement.

The instructors cultivate an environment of mutual encouragement with their students—a hallmark of our academy—fostering progress in both skill set development and camaraderie within our circle.

It’s this combination of high-caliber instruction in a nurturing community setting that elevates Kioto BJJ as an outstanding venue for mastering Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ).

Discover a Supportive Team

At Kioto BJJ, the sense of community within our team is truly unparalleled. Our academy thrives on mutual support, where every participant’s personal growth is celebrated by all.

Such a profound level of encouragement fosters enduring bonds that transcend the confines of our gym walls, and this solidarity manifests in each class, event, or competition we undertake.

The exceptional instructors at our helm are integral to nurturing this environment steeped in camaraderie. With an emphasis on unity and reassurance, they ensure students recognize there’s always a collective backing them up.

Their patient teaching methodology allows newcomers to blend into the fold with ease, paving the way for relationships and networks that flourish well beyond their tenure as students.

Why Our Students Love Kioto BJJ

The affection our students hold for Kioto BJJ comes from multiple aspects, including:

  • The superior quality of the instruction they receive,

  • A nurturing and inviting environment,

  • The growth in confidence and ability that each student gains,

  • Feeling like an integral part of the martial arts family, and

  • Strengthening personal attributes that resonate beyond the mat into everyday living.

During their journey through different levels of skill within BJJ, individuals not only hone their martial arts techniques but also cultivate strengths that are applicable to life outside the academy.

Families especially treasure what our academy offers. They see first-hand how training positively transforms their children by boosting discipline and self-assurance while maintaining a focus on making learning enjoyable and captivating. Factors such as meticulously maintained premises and instructors who exhibit both proficiency in martial arts discipline and professionalism contribute to why members deeply value Kioto BJJ.

What are you waiting for?

Kioto BJJ delivers an unmatched Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training program in Long Island, NY.

A supportive community that complements our excellent instructors and personalized curriculum enhances the health benefits of practicing BJJ.

At Kioto BJJ, individuals can flourish regardless of their objectives—be it mastering this martial art, boosting fitness levels, or seeking out a collaborative team—offering a holistic transformation touching all areas of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kioto BJJ provides a welcoming atmosphere for families, delivering training sessions tailored to different age groups through classes designed for both children and adults.

Not at all! We offer programs for every person coming in at every and any level. Kioto BJJ really does have something for everyone.

Simply complete a form on the Kioto BJJ website (click HERE) to redeem your complimentary week of training.

This promotion allows you to partake in our BJJ sessions and see what they’re all about with no commitment required.

At Kioto BJJ, the lead instructors, Professor Milton Regis and Professor Melissa Regis, offer unparalleled BJJ instruction that is customized to meet the individual requirements of each student.

Engaging in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training at Kioto BJJ provides numerous advantages, including enhanced muscular strength, greater endurance, increased flexibility, fortified mental resilience, effective stress reduction, and access to a nurturing community. Together, these elements craft a comprehensive and rewarding experience in the practice of BJJ.