How To Teach Your Own Children

From the Desk of Professor Milton Regis

kid master

Teaching kids is a challenge but how to teach your own children can be a mystery.

I wish I had the perfect answer but unfortunately I don’t.

So, I am writing about my experiences, what I’ve learned from others, and of course from my own mistakes.

First, it involves a lot of patience. So, don’t have expectations that are too high. The most important thing in life is to help people especially our children. We desire for them to be a good person and a real “Life Champion” so we can’t put to much pressure on them. We can’t be bringing our children into our world but we should be going down to “their world”. This way we can see as they say and feel as they feel.

It’s not in the first minute that they will say something, but just by the fact that you are present, builds confidence to share their feelings. The child doesn’t have to train any sport everyday. If he/she wants to do it everyday, they will ask for it.

Don’t try to always understand, many times we must just accept. Don’t try to always impact, waves also can go against you, You don’t have to prove anything, but you should believe in yourself, when you are offering the best that you could, and the child is doing the best within their limits, and it changes depending on the day.

Insisting on going beyond their limits could be catastrophic.

Listen, listen and listen more then talking.

Be an example by how you act, not how you talk.

Professor Milton Regis